A new comic for the week! This month’s chapter is quickly coming to a close. It’s finally springtime in full where I live! It’s been a long winter season this year for me.

In the last comic, Berry brought over a blanket to share with Yogurt. Berry perches up next to Yogurt and very gingerly placed the thick blanket over her and himself. Yogurt’s feeling very pleasant and comfy. There aren’t many chances where she gets to share a blanket with Berry while stargazing over a frozen lake. A scenario like this is almost romantic… except she’s sharing the moment together with her best friend, a friend that has been there through the thick and thin together with her since they were little.

Yogurt reminisces about the day and acknowledges that Berry really did have her on his mind. There were moments where Berry was concerned about Yogurt feeling fatigued or not eating enough to finish the hike. Their last hike back a few months ago was still something that was freshly burned into Berry’s head. Berry did not want a repeat of that experience again. Perhaps by observing all of Berry’s actions, Yogurt was able to reassure herself that Berry did see her as somebody quite special. For now, Yogurt’s quite content as she spends the rest of the evening watching the night sky together with Berry.