One more comic for the week!

Yogurt and her friends just finished up their dinner, and now they’re about to do a bit of stargazing in the late evening! They’ve spent practically the whole day at the provincial park, but luckily they had the expertise of Olivia’s maid and Yogurt’s father to help them make the experience just that much better. In addition to having good food, they also happen to bring along a telescope, which they can use to view the night sky. With no clouds, no moon, and no city lights to obstruct their view, Yogurt and her friends were able to get comfy and enjoy the magnificent view of the night sky filled with stars, galaxies, and a plethora of space objects while overlooking a frozen lake.

With Yogurt enjoying her hot drink by a small campfire, Berry walks on over with a blanket on-hand. Almost immediately, Yogurt’s face lit up at the sight of Berry and the blanket he brought over. Her night is about to get even comfier.