Another comic for the week! I’d just like to remind everyone that I will be attending the Edmonton Comic Expo next weekend September 22-24! Sometime later this weekend, I’ll post up more updated info about it and what I will be bringing!

In this comic, Yogurt was able to sit down and talk to Richie about her future career choices. Richie being somebody who is trying to achieve the same goal, would be an ideal candidate for Yogurt to ask advice from. Richie tells Yogurt that the path to becoming a teacher is not easy. It’s tough, it can be taxing, and it demands a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t stop once you become a teacher either. Yogurt fears that she isn’t smart enough to become a teacher. Her grades aren’t necessarily the greatest in school, but her mind is committed to doing what it takes to become a teacher. Richie reassures her in his final statement, that you don’t have to be the brightest student to become a teacher.