One more comic for the week! Just a heads up again! I will be attending the Edmonton Comic Expo next weekend! I’ve made a few new prints too! One of my finest prints available is a 20×16″ premium lustre semi-matte poster of my upcoming Vol.5 book cover! Check out my prints here! Just like last year, I will be bringing books, charms, CDs and prints to the convention. I will also be autographing all books in-person! I hope to see you there if you’re in town!

In this comic, Yogurt is hanging out with Berry at his place as usual. She brings up the recent revelations she’s had about her future career choices. Yogurt’s been putting in the effort to review her choices and to choose a path that will work for her. Amidst her one-sided conversation, Berry abruptly tells her to stop. It turns out that all the talk about future careers and such has gotten Berry in a very depressive state. Could it be that he still doesn’t really know what to do, or perhaps he still wishes to cling hard to the life he has now? Just earlier in the year, Yogurt was in a similar scenario. But now, it’s Berry who’s feeling conflicted and the pressure from those around him.