One more comic for the month! And there we have it! This month has been quite fun, with so much stuff going on too. I had plenty of outings this month for the summer, plus I had also published Yogurt Short Comics Vol.9! I’m hoping that next month will be a little bit slower, with perhaps a chapter that will slowly introduce Yogurt into the teaching environment of Glen-Victoria!

In this comic, Yogurt walks up to the beverage area in the teacher’s lounge and fills herself a cup of water. Anne is there too. The two share a water break together, both of them impressed with the collection of teachers that they’ll be working with. Everybody they’ve met were passionate and friendly, which makes it all the more welcoming for the two of them. While Yogurt at the beginning of the chapter was a little anxious, I think by the end of the orientation, Yogurt was feeling much more comfortable with it all.