Hi everyone! It’s a new month and I have a new chapter of comics to share! It’s going to be a shorter chapter, as I find the time to work on some additional illustrations and commissions for this time. Speaking of which, here’s the latest illustration that I’ve made for the summer!

This was a really fun illustration to paint up, and one that had gone through a few iterations before I decided to choose this illustration to work on for the summer. I originally had quite a few other ideas in mind, including a swimsuit one and a night sky one. But in the end, I settled with this one as the illustration I wanted to finish. The end result is something really amazing, combining some of the newer, softer colouring techniques that I’ve been working in these summer months.

In this comic, Yogurt is on the first day of the job! She’s given a special choice to choose between working with three different teachers in three different fields of study. Yogurt had settled on working in the arts class, and is assigned to work with a teacher responsible for the first graders! She heads on over the arts classroom to meet her fate.