One more comic for the week!

Continuing on from the last comic, as it turns out, Risa’s recent outbursts and moodswings were caused by hearing some recent news related to a fandom that she’s part of. Even though Terry doesn’t really participate in any of the fandoms to really understand what Risa is going through, he decides to give her some uplifting advice and listen to what she has to say. He picks her up effortlessly and reminds her of those around her, in particular, her friends. Nothing has changed for her outside of hearing some unwanted news, so there shouldn’t be any reason for her to blow up in the direction of her friends. Risa’s moodswings leave her very confused, and at this point, she just needs somebody to be by her side.

For the past several years, Risa had actually been improving in terms of managing her emotions! Before, she always used to turn to Berry or Yogurt to calm herself down. As time went by, she found herself keeping busy with all sorts of hobbies, curbing much of her moodswings.