Another comic for the week!

Continuing on from the last comic strip, Terry chases after Risa, who ran off after having a bit of a sudden rant to her friends about not dressing up and going all out for their last year of Halloween in school. Terry manages to catch up to her, even returning her cosplay hat. Curious as to why Risa bursted out, Terry asks her what’s wrong. After a moment of brief hesitation, Risa lets out a cry. The second season of one of her recent favourite shows has been cancelled.

Risa, and anyone else in fandoms of various sorts can take news like season cancellations, actor replacements, or even director firings to heart. Risa’s mixed emotions from the news, ranging from sadness to anger, can carry forth and affect her and those around her in a variety of unintentional ways. For those outside of the fandoms, a person like Risa might come off as being over-reactive, especially with a reason that, in the grand scheme of things, is pretty trivial. Much like Terry, if you’re not already in the fandom, it’ll be hard for you to sympathize with someone like Risa.