A new comic for the week!

In the last comic, Risa brought up a concern that she had, something about not being able to do the things that they normally do together by the time they enter college. It’s a thought that’s bothering even Yogurt. On the way back home from the restaurant, Yogurt asks for Berry’s opinion on it. Berry isn’t quite sure what to think of the prospect of them after high school, but Yogurt is certainly doing her best to believe that they will still be able to meet and do the same things as they’ve always have together, despite everyone deciding on going their own separate ways driven by their aspirations. However, it’s getting to Yogurt. As Berry stops her from thinking about it too much, Yogurt turns around teary-eyed. Yogurt is scared, anxious, and uncertain of what is to come of them after they graduate. Something that Berry feels all too well.