Another comic for the week!

Continuing on from the last comic, Yogurt tells the others that she and Berry are also waiting for their conditional acceptance from the university that they both applied to! In the starting chapters of this volume of comics, Yogurt has set her eyes on becoming a teacher. One of the first steps that she’ll be taking would be to tackle a teaching program offered by the faculty of education at her local university. Berry will be attending the university as well, but he will be taking up another program in a different faculty, something that we’ll find out soon.

With all the talk about the friends going down different paths in life, programs, schools, it has Risa thinking about something concerning. Something that she personally knows through her older brother, who also tackled post-secondary to become a teacher. She worries that they might not be able to see each other as often anymore once they’ve truly entered life after high school, if at all.