A new comic for the week! It’s Yogurt’s big day! She’s checking out the Glen-Victoria School of Arts, potentially a school that she might be working at in the near future. As she walks in through the front doors, the vast ceilings and wide open hallways catches her attention. However, in just a short moment, the bell rings, and the students begin their transfer between classes. The students are all dressed in uniforms of various colours. Some of the students are even wearing some of their own clothes on top of their uniform, whether for extra warmth or style. Either way, it’s a scene that Yogurt has never seen before. All the schools that Yogurt has ever gone to never had uniforms as part of their dress code.

Just as Yogurt stares at the students transferring in awe, she hears somebody in the distance call out her name. An older figure stands at a distance looking in her direction.