Another comic for the week!

Continuing on from the last comic, a stranger calls out Yogurt in the school hallway. She introduces herself as Mrs. Holzman, the principal of the Glen-Victoria School of Arts! She will be the one interviewing Yogurt for the next while. As the two make with their introductions, Mrs. Holzman invites Yogurt to follow her around the school, giving her a brief tour of the facilities and programs that they have to offer. Yogurt, of course, is excited. After having seen the school on the outside, she’s ecstatic to learn more about the school on the inside!

Now that we’ve gotten a closer look at the principal, it’s honestly kinda surprisingly just how much she looks like Yogurt, albeit a little bit older, but still very much like her. Perfectly deliberate. In some ways, it’s almost as if Yogurt is looking at a future version of herself.