That last comic ended off the cooking arc, and it revealed a bit about Terry, who was previously pretty mysterious.

Here’s another comic for the week! Yogurt’s nickname didn’t exactly come from nowhere. Yogurt has been known to enjoy eating a lot of, well… yogurt. In this comic, Anne makes another appearance as they pull out some snacks to eat at school. Anne was more or less rather intrigued by Yogurt, who kept pulling out cups after cups of yogurt.

This is actually a nickname comic. It was Berry who first called Yogurt by her given nickname, way back when they were very young. So yes, Yogurt did enjoy eating yogurt since she was very young. It kind of makes you wonder what her real name is, yes? Well, even if you knew her real name, would it be more convenient to call her just by her nickname?

Oddly enough, I’m in a similar situation. Some people are used to calling me by my screen name YogurtM or simply Yogurt, that even after telling people my real name, they still refer to me as Yogurt.