I’m back with another comic for the week!

I might want to dig deeper into Berry’s set of interests now. I’ve always imagined him to be very creative in writing, and he enjoys reading a lot books. In this comic, Yogurt visits his place again to help him proofread his writing. Whenever I proofread other people’s work, I can imagine some of them being a bit hesitant, or even scared that I might think of them weird for reading their stories. That, or maybe they are afraid that I might catch embarrassing mistakes.

Actually, even conversely, I happen to have a habit of forgetting to type in very simple words like “I”, “a” , “the”, “of” or even transition words. The problem with me isn’t that I can’t type, but rather, I just have a bad habit of forgetting small words because I think faster than can type.

I won’t be surprised at all if this little commentary of mine was riddled with these mistakes.