Hi everyone! I have just one more comic to share today. Just a heads up, the very first stream for Ink, Coffee, and a Side of Yogurt will be taking place tomorrow, October 1, starting sometime between 1PM-3PM MST. It will be the first traditional inking stream that I’ll be doing for this new series and spiritual successor to my previous Inktober Yogurt endeavors. I hope to see some of you there, and if not, I will certainly be making a consistent effort to stream these inkings every Saturday or Sunday so that there will be many opportunities to catch me live!

In this comic, Berry warns Yogurt that even though they’re applying to the agency, she should still follow Risa and Olivia’s advice and reach out to some her references. Although Yogurt wishes to find a job in her field as a teacher, she’s completely open to the idea that she can do other jobs in the meantime, just to help make ends meet. As she dreams up being in positions such as a waitress, barista, cleaner and such, Yogurt is briefly told by Berry to just wait a little for a call back.