Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share! The sun is starting to set. It’s getting a little bit late now. Papa assures Yogurt and everyone that he will be okay. He’ll have to stay behind for the next couple of days while the doctors monitor his recovery and continue with his treatment. Yogurt is hesitant to leave behind her dad, but Papa continues to assure her. He says that Yogurt can still come visit tomorrow after school, to which Yogurt smiles to slightly. Yogurt is still feeling a little bit uneasy about everything, but she’s certainly feeling a little more relieved now than she was earlier before she came to visit her dad. Everything will be okay.

On the side note, I just want to share an update! If you’ve been following me on my twitter and twitch, you might have noticed that I’ve been using a new Yogurt avatar! I’m pretty proud to have a new avatar, one that still uses Yogurt but together with a sockpuppet so that I can feel a little more comfortable streaming with my voice. I’ve always felt a little weirded hearing my voice come from Yogurt because I’ve always imagined a voice that’s most definitely not like mine. That said, I do love the voice I have, and I’m pretty glad that I’ve found a solution to using my voice while still keeping Yogurt as my avatar!