Hi everyone! I’m back with a new comic to share! So on other news, if you had been following me on Twitter, I had just recently performed a pretty big upgrade to my main PC rig. Pretty much upgraded the bulk of my PC. Got a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, an nvme SSD to mount my main OS install, and a new PSU! This was by and far the most invasive upgrade I’ve ever done for any of my PC builds (other than just straight up building a new one altogether). The upgrade was a success with very minimal downtime as I was able to run my new system using the very same OS install. The ability to clone my main drive and just run it on essentially a new system is something that I wouldn’t have done years back, but now we’ve reached the point where my OS is able to detect new hardware and transfer activations easily! It’s honestly such a breeze and alleviates some of that anxiety I have about performing upgrades like this in general. I just feel much more confident that in the future I’ll be able to do the same thing and keep up-to-date as necessary.

Anyways, here’s a new comic for the week! In this comic, Yogurt’s dad notices Terry. Terry was the one who called the ambulance and stuck with Yogurt’s dad this whole time. He calls up Terry next to the bed, thanking him once again in front of Yogurt and Berry. He recalls having called Terry the night before to ask for his help in the kitchen today, and it was almost like fate that Terry was there at all to help him when he collapsed. Yogurt’s dad places a lot of trust in Terry, and I think this event just solidified that connection. After all, the two of them are almost one and the same, and they both share the same levels of ambitions when it comes to the culinary arts.