One last comic for the month! In this closing comic, Berry has a few words for Yogurt, thanking her for all the support that she’s been providing him. Berry would likely fumble on his words in-person, but over text, he can shoot these messages out in quick succession. Berry really is thankful to have someone like Yogurt. Yogurt’s encouraging nature is one of the reasons that Berry continues to lean on Yogurt. Even more so now that they are engaged and soon-to-be-wed. Even though they have known each other for so long, there are some things that Yogurt hopes to see improve in their relationship. And one of the things that she would like to see most is Berry opening up to her in-person.

Sometime during late middle school and high school, Berry has gotten more reserved and less of a crybaby. But the reality is that he’s still very much the same fragile boy inside as he has been since those childhood years. In part, Yogurt knows this very well and hopes that Berry doesn’t just let his feelings bottle up.