Hi everyone! I have another comic to share. This month is coming to a close very soon, but I hope that you’ve enjoyed a more YogurtxBerry centric chapter! This one was something that was a bit more introspective in comparison to my other chapters, exploring more about Berry thoughts and feelings. As Berry got older, he has become increasingly more reserved with his feelings. He tends not to really express them much, if at all. Every once in a while, though, he does tend to show feelings. However, after entering university, Yogurt felt like Berry was becoming more distant. She felt like something was bothering Berry.

In this chapter, Berry opens up a little bit, revealing that he is feeling overwhelmed by university and the responsibilities of adulthood. In particular, he’s worried about his direction in life or rather a lack thereof. Talking to Yogurt really helped a lot. And there’s more where that comes from. Throughout the rest of the evening after arriving at home, Yogurt and Berry proceeded to spend the night texting each other lots. Berry reveals that he skipped class entirely just to look for Yogurt, something that Berry did say earlier in the day, but perhaps Yogurt thought it was a bit of a joke at the time. But now that Yogurt knows that it really was Berry’s intent to look for her and to talk about his feelings, Yogurt feels like it was the right thing for Berry to do.