A new comic for the week! Lately, I’ve been sitting down writing out the basic premise and plot of My Lonely Orphan Vampire Enya, which is the name of my latest project featuring my vampire girl that you might have seen lots of lately on my socials. She’s been a lot of fun to draw and to write for, and I’m interested in seeing more of her. For now, she’s mostly just an OC that I’ve written small blurbs about, but there’s potential here to turn this into a novella or light novel if I play things out right.

Anyways, I have a new comic to share today! In this comic, Yogurt and Berry have placed the roast beef into the oven. As Yogurt reads through the recipe on the tablet, she tells Berry that the roast will take several hours to complete, which is a really long time! They look through their prepared dishes. Finger foods, chicken, salad, potatoes, noodles. They pretty much got everything ready. Yogurt’s dad comes down to check on the two. He looks over and is impressed with how much they got done over the last few hours. He takes on over and suggests to the kids that they go and get washed up. Their friends will be over soon!