Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share for the week!

Yogurt and Berry have finished up with their cooking for the most part. Her dad takes over from here so that Yogurt and Berry can spend some time with their friends. Risa and Terry arrive for the festive evening! Upon entering, the first thing they notice is the aroma in the air. They know they’re in for a feast. They could tell Yogurt and Berry were busy preparing everything earlier in the day!

Some side notes here. If you’ve been following my socials, you would’ve definitely noticed a new vampire girl that I’ve been recently drawing lots of. I’ve been gathering my thoughts as to what I could do with Enya and what kind of story I could tell with her, and I think I have a solid idea as to what it could potential come out looking like. I’ve fancied the idea of working on a light novel, one that doesn’t require a ton of artwork to get the story across, but still gives me the opportunity to do illustrations for. I’ve already mentioned the basic premise of the story on other platforms, but I will certainly take the time to flesh out the story when I have the chance!