One last comic for the month, for the summer, for the Childhood Arc. Over the last year or so, I’ve hit a bunch of emotional signifying growth and change as the characters in my series graduate from high school, and in turn, their childhood. Everything from recalling the past with Yogurt’s mom and the history between Yogurt and Berry, all the way until Yogurt’s climactic love confession in the mountains where she had always dreamed of doing. The series has come a long way, and so has Yogurt and her friends.

However, it’s not like things have suddenly changed. In this comic, Berry is just about getting up for the morning when he realizes a very unpleasant feeling. He’s cold. He’s wet. And he just generally doesn’t feel all that comfortable. He sits up in the bed and notices that his pillow and his jammies are soaked in drool. He looks over to Yogurt, who is happily asleep dreaming about Berry or something. Berry had come to the realization that, despite being so much closer to Yogurt than ever before, certain things just haven’t changed one bit, such as Yogurt drooling tons in her sleep. Berry will have to live with the quirks that Yogurt has. And likewise, he hopes Yogurt will accept the quirks that he has too.