One more comic for the week!

Yogurt and Berry ran outside to the patio to get away from all the music and students. Yogurt quickly found herself to be alone with Berry. While she’s quite used to being alone with Berry often, the special occasion has her feeling a little anxious. She reminisces her past that she had shared with Berry, everything leading up to this very point in their lives. Yogurt is beyond grateful to have a friend like Berry, someone who was there by her side, even when she was at her worst.

She isn’t perfect. She gets nervous around others. She often gets anxious at the thought of losing people close to her or seeming a little off to them. She does her best at trying to understand things, even though she knows she doesn’t quite have the brightest mind around. She panics a lot and sometimes she can get a little too clingy to those she holds dear. And yet after all this time, Gabe still stuck around, being there for Yogurt. From here on out, Yogurt hopes to continue having Berry by her side as she pursues her future career of becoming a teacher. And in turn, she hopes to be there and support Berry in the same way he has supported her this whole time.