A new comic for the week! This chapter has been very exciting to work on! I’ve been generally looking forward to writing these graduation chapters for a long while already. It’s great to finally be able to show them. There’s so much more going for Yogurt and Berry, and with good reason. After years of build-up and development between the characters, it’s great to finally have the opportunity to push it just a little bit more, in time for the conclusion of the high school arc these coming chapters.

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry have escaped the event hall and have snuck outside of the convention center. They perched up along the wall of the patio overlooking the river valley of their city amidst the city night lights. The sudden and abrupt change of music was enough to drive these two, rather quiet and old-fashioned individuals out. But that’s okay. While they’re out there, they can get some fresh air! Yogurt looks around the patio, then back at Berry. She just realized that the two of them are alone together.

Not that being alone with Berry is a thing that’s worth being anxious over for Yogurt, especially since the two spend a lot of time together at home otherwise. But I suppose the scenario of them being alone together outside, away from the crowd of students, on the night of their high school graduation party is something worth being anxious about.