Talk about discontinuity. I’m jumping back to the comic before the last, to kind of touch upon Yogurt reading Berry’s work a little more. I guess in a slice-of-life, non-chronologically ordered series, things like this happen more often than not.

I kind of wonder if many schools still have students hand-write their essays. My handwriting in particular is rather messy, and I would opt to type my works out anyways. Well, that’s what’s going on here in this comic. Yogurt is trying to proofread Berry’s little novel. Judging by how she reacted, she actually kind of enjoyed what Berry wrote. However, by the last page, the handwriting was just unreadable.

Looking over much of my school notes, this is actually pretty noticeable. Much of my school notes typically start off written nicely, until you reach near the end of that day’s worth of notes. Perhaps Berry and I were in the same situation, and started to doze off by the end of it all.