I’m back with another comic for the week! This one seemingly follows up on the absentminded comic from a couple days ago.

As it turns out, Yogurt and her friends were hanging out at a local mall. Often, when friends go to malls, they would usually stop by the food court, or some sort of food stand. Here, Yogurt stops for some frozen yogurt with her friends. I’ve always thought of frozen yogurt as just straight up ice cream, but I was wrong for the most part. It’s more milky than creamy ice cream. I don’t usually go out for these often, but I’ve noticed a slight boom in the frozen yogurt business, especially in places that attract a lot of people.

The comic should be pretty self-explanatory. Yogurt loves to eat yogurt. Self-serve frozen yogurt with the option to top it off with various sweets, sauces, and fruits is probably like a dream for her. Leave it to Risa to bring them there. She knows where to find her treats.