Another comic for the week! This chapter is quickly coming to a close. In this comic, Yogurt is feeling a little down, maybe a little pessimistic on the idea of wearing glasses. Of course, there are alternatives. She could wear contacts or even go for laser treatment. However, Yogurt’s probably a little bit too scared to poke her eyes or get her eyes shot at with lasers. Berry tries to cheer her up, suggesting that the right pair of glasses might even make Yogurt look and feel more confident and comfortable. Berry finds a pair from the shelves, something that stuck out to him, perhaps out of curiosity or something. It’s hard to tell what exactly might be going on in his mind when he pulled the frames.

He hands over to Yogurt a pair of full-frame glasses, slightly maroon in colour. Yogurt tries it on, immediately feeling as though the frames resonated with her. They’re not very special frames at all. Rather plain, simple, and classic. Berry hushes a bit, then turns his head to avoid eye contact. A slight mutter came from him. Was he laughing at her? Did it really look that strange? Not in particular. It turns out he’s silently appreciating the new look of his wife-to-be, wearing a pair of glasses that he thinks suits her face. For Yogurt, any word of reassurance from Berry would mean so much. In her uneasiness, she waits for Berry’s word.

In other news, I have some updates! As you might have already guessed, Yogurt Short Comics Vol 1-6 marked the end of the Childhood Arc. Come Vol 7 and onwards, I will be changing the formats of my volume collection books. They will no longer be printed in 6×9″ trade book sizes. This decision comes with a bit of excitement on my part, as I will be putting together a brand new format for the series. That includes lots of new templates, graphics, and layouts that I’ve previously held back in doing for the sake of consistency. With the natural progression of my series, I feel like it is the right time to make a clear distinction between the Childhood arc books and the Adulthood arc books, starting right with the formatting! I can’t wait to show you what I have in mind later this year!