Yogurt is attending classes! She happens to be just a little bit late again, probably from a slow train or bus. Only this time, she feels a little more confident. As the prof tells her to take a seat, Yogurt turns to face him. She adjusts her glasses, as if to show them off. Yogurt can see the board clearly now, and with it, she is now brimming with confidence. She already feels smarter and looks the part too.

As it turns out, the frames that Berry picked out for Yogurt was something that she liked, something that feels she’s comfortable wearing. All the uncertainty and low-esteem has subsided, replaced only by the brimming level of confidence that she has now.

In other news, I recently picked up another graphics tablet to draw with! A Huion GT-156HD V2. I’ve been using the tablet over the last few days getting used to the way it worked. There are a few things different about it compared to my Cintiq 24HD apart from the size, but ultimately nothing that I can’t work with. In fact, I already feel like it’s more than viable enough for me to finish my comics when I’m out overseas on vacations and such. I’m pretty happy to know that there has been very healthy competition in the industry of pen displays. It’s a much different environment now than it was around the time I got my very first Cintiq, the 12WX. With companies like XP-Pen, Huion, and Artisul around, I think there are a lot more affordable, powerful pen displays available now than ever. It’s pretty exciting, really, and I’m happy to explore new tools.