I’m back again! This time I’m posting from Kuching, Malaysia! Anyone who knows a bit of Malay will know that kuching means cat. I admit, there has been a lot of stray cats spotted around here.

Last comic turned out to be a bit darker than some of my other comics. It represents the lowest point in this month’s chapter, so I hope I didn’t scare people away with it. It will get better from here. In this comic, Risa is a bit disappointed with what had happened at the movies. She fears that she might have tipped Terry a bit too off and have angered him too far, despite her efforts to improve their friendship.

Terry seems to believe that there isn’t much he can do to pay back Risa. His financial state is somewhat less than optimal, so that stresses him out a bit. However, it seems that Risa has something in mind for him to do. Perhaps, she believes this will make both of them happy.