Well, it finally happened. While it isn’t as dramatic as what I’ve seen with some people that I’ve met, Terry certainly let out some steam in this comic.

Terry had always been that happy-go-lucky guy who seemingly doesn’t mind a whole lot of stuff around him. At the same time, I know that Terry is fairly human, and even he succumbs to daily stresses and other obstacles that life throws at him. Being relatively poorer than his other friends is also something that had always bothered him, even though it shouldn’t. I think the reasons for Terry to be all edgy and angsty right now are pretty unjustified, but things like this happen every time somebody bottles up for too long. That, or perhaps it’s just teenage angst.

Either way, Risa looks incredibly shocked to see Terry in this sort of light. She probably thinks that this little “date” is a horrible idea now. Risa will most likely pin the blame on herself, despite all the efforts she’s made this time around. However, Risa’s one smart girl. I’m sure she’ll figure something out.