Hello everybody! Happy new year to everyone! I hope 2024 has been kind to you so far. This year is looking to be quite exciting to look forward to. Over the last several days, I’ve been working diligently on my upcoming Enya novel and have made an amazing amount of progress on it, at least from my perspective as someone who hasn’t working on a written novel before. Either way, it’s very encouraging to slowly see Enya’s story come to life, much in the same way as it was when I brought Yogurt’s story to life years ago.

Anyway, I have a brand new comic to share for the first chapter of the year! In this comic, we open in a familiar setting. Yogurt is in her bedroom. As she stretches at her desk, she turns her gaze to Berry, who was engrossed in his reading. Berry was almost always seen reading something in his off-time, but Yogurt hasn’t really considered much about what kinds of books he’s reading. As she closely observes Berry’s face from a distance, Yogurt notices that Berry is quite frequently active with his reactions and emotions as he’s reading his books. Something Yogurt hasn’t really noticed much before.