A new comic for the week! Just a bit of an update. Patreon has been rather slow in processing donations this month, but that’s not to worry much. I’ve also managed to find a printer to get my Winter Yogurt and Berry wall scrolls made. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out here and here! These are going to be rather large wall scrolls, measuring about 32″x60″, printed out on satin cloth. A little bit different that your average anime wall scroll. I’m pretty excited to have to myself, but I’ll have a few extra that I can sell through my online shop if anyone would like to get their hands on one!

In this comic, Risa is feeling a bit stressed as she struggles to finish her programming assignment before she leaves to meet up with friends. Ada is completely done with her work there, so she’s all packed up and about to leave. However, before she parts way, she gives Risa a hint at what to look at in her code. Risa backtracks to fix up something earlier, and voila! Everything works nicely! And with that, Risa is ready to head out too.