Hi everyone! I have another comic to share for the week!

Risa managed to get out of school a little bit earlier than expected as a result of finishing her project quickly. Just in time to meet up with Yogurt and Gabe at their favourite cafe! She even managed to get there before them too. It’s been very cold lately this month, with temperatures dipping below -35C from time to time. Just as Yogurt and Gabe walked in to greet Risa, Risa notices something on Yogurt’s face. She immediately and excitedly points it out to her. For Risa, it is the first time seeing her friend Yogurt in glasses. In her confusion, however, Yogurt panics a bit, thinking that she might have had something on her face, like crumbs or some leftover bits from food or drinks. In her embarrassment, Yogurt begins to fog up her own glasses by her own body heat, essentially hiding her eyes from the embarrassment.

Usually when it’s really cold, stepping inside a warm building or vehicle can be enough to fog up glasses as water starts to condense on the lenses. It can be a bit annoying from time to time, but it’s a thing that glasses owners have to deal with.