Last comic for the month! Thank you very for sticking around! There’s been a lot of activity this month. Not only have I been streaming more, but I’ve also been working very diligently behind the scenes in making my website much more optimized. A long time in the making! I hope everyone is enjoying the new faster reading experience on my site!

In this comic, Yogurt is just about to head out after visiting Risa to give her some cake and to also catch up with her on her school projects and all! Yogurt is super amazed by how much work Risa has been putting into her robot project. Just as Yogurt is about to leave, they talk about how they should all meet up again some time, maybe even to play some games? We’ll see in the next chapter!

And with that, that ends this month’s chapter. I’m pretty excited to work on next month’s chapter, including a illustration that I’ve had in mind for the February valentine’s day season. You might have already had a sneak peek on it!