Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share. We’re very close to the end of the chapter here! In this comic, Risa talks to Yogurt about her project. She’s been working very hard on it together with Ada, and even shows how they both talk to each other online so that they can do work remotely during the evenings and weekends. Yogurt is just absolutely dumbfounded by how smart and cool Risa is. Clearly she’s on another level. Yogurt has a lot of respect for her and Ada!

So big update guys! If there was one thing that you might have noticed recently is that my website is super snappy and fast now, and for a very good reason! I’ve been working hard behind the scenes and have optimized lots of stuff in the backend and have upgraded a few things here and there to improve the performance and experience on my website. This has been a point of contention for the last couple years when I first noticed my site running a lot slower compared to when I had first created it. Through some perseverance and lots of documentation, I’ve finally figured out the root cause of the slowdown. I tackled that problem and now the result is a newly refreshed YogurtMedia site that runs just as smooth as when I made it, hopefully permanently. YAY!! In addition to that, I’ve added a secure protocol to all of my pages for a little bit of extra security boost, something that I’ve also had some problems setting up a year or so ago.

In any case, my hope is that everyone who’ll visit my site will appreciate the snappy performance when reading my comics! (Or at the very least not get bogged down by slowness anymore)