One last comic for the month! It has been a really busy month for me, especially with the Edmonton Expo. But this year has by and far been my best performing year at the convention, so I can’t really complain about that! And with this comic completes the 7th volume of the Yogurt Short Comics series! Over the next several weeks, and hopefully before Christmas, I’ll have a new book published! However, this new book will be a whole new format, so a lot of the templates and such that I’ve made for the previous volumes can’t be used. Much of that will be made from scratch all over again. From here on, it’s kind of like crunch time! Inktober is on the horizon too, so I’ve gotten a head start on that. In addition, I will not be in the country for part of October, which means that I can’t work on as many comics. Next month will be a short chapter!

In this comic, Yogurt is familiarizing herself with her new tablet, with the help of Berry as well too. She’s gotten pretty used to it! She thanks Berry by giving him a big hug. However, Yogurt seems to only be happy with the fact that she can now draw digitally at school, which is far from the original intent of getting the tablet in the first place!