Another comic for the week! This month of comics is coming to a close real soon. It has been perhaps one of the most eventful months for me, especially with the Edmonton Expo last weekend.

In this comic, Yogurt got Berry to look into her tablet computer. Berry installs a few things that Yogurt would need to get it going for school, so the basic office suite software, browser, readers, and other productive apps. One of the other things that he ended up getting for her was a drawing app too, since Yogurt enjoys drawing in her spare time. He demonstrates to Yogurt his drawing abilities and how the drawing program worked by drawing a cute cat on the screen! Yogurt immediately takes notice and compliments Berry for his efforts in drawing a cat!

For Yogurt, digital art is something that is really new to her, let alone using modern tablet computers to begin with. In a way, she is ever so grateful for her father to have purchased the tablet for her.