A new comic for the week! I’ve been making pretty good progress so far in the putting together the rest of my Vol.6 book. I’m definitely on track to publishing and printing it out by the end of the month! I just want to thank everyone who preordered a copy! It helps a lot to get some numbers in so I can get a general idea of how many books to print out.

In this comic, Olivia and Risa are meeting up at Yogurt’s dad’s diner for supper! Olivia just wanted to catch up with Risa, as well as to let her know that she’s planning to have another get-together later in the month. They haven’t asked Terry yet, but Olivia playfully teases Risa that they’ll invite him too. By some coincidence, Terry had also just finished work! Upon sight, Risa was immediately excited and called him over to the table!