Another comic for the week! Just a bit of an update. I’m just about done putting together the bulk of Vol.6. There’s a bit of proof-checking and small edits, but for the most part, my book is slated to be released this coming end of the month! If you’d like to preorder a copy of the book, you can do so HEREOnce again, it free to place a preorder with no penalties for cancellation. Once my books are printed and are ready to be shipped, I’ll be sending out invoices requiring full payment to complete the order!

Terry had just finished work when he came across Olivia and Risa at the diner he works at. He decides to sit down with them to catch up! Olivia invites him over to a game night in the coming week, to which Terry was quick to say that he can go! Risa is overly excited! Maybe a little too much. She quickly realized that her excitement was a little much, so she dialled back down to try and contain her composure.