Last comic for the year! Thank you so much everyone for following my comics for this long! I really appreciate the support. I’ve been really hard at work getting Yogurt Short Comics Vol.7 ready for printing in January, and I’ve finally finalized the page count. The book is sitting at 156 pages, which is a lot more content than I had hoped for this new bigger format. As a result, the books will be a little more pricey than my previous books. Just a bit of a heads up to those who have pre-ordered a copy or plan to order one in the future. But I assure you that the over quality of the book will be better across the board compared to Childhood Arc books! It’s honestly just super exciting to be working on a new format!

In this comic, Yogurt comes back home from the nursery with a bunch of gifts that she had got from her friends at the Christmas party. She heads over to the Christmas tree and lays down her gifts. Her father comes in and is happy to see that Yogurt is back with gifts and had enjoyed her time there at the nursery. Her dad reassures her that she can visit the nursery anytime next year, and is sure that the kids there would be happy to see her.