Hi everyone! I’m back with another month of comics! This time around we’ll be exploring more of Risa’s story. She’ll be having a lot happening over the next little while. I think it’s only fair, considering how much time I’ve given to Yogurt.

In this comic, Risa is in the kitchen to grab a drink. It’s super hot and she’s not really feeling comfortable in this heat. She overhears her mom having a chat with somebody over the phone. Her mom converses in Japanese, leaving Risa to believe that she’s chatting with somebody back home in Japan. Risa, however, is unable to put the words together. She at least recognizes her own name and a few odd simple words here and there, but she’s unable to understand the conversation her mom is having. It’s not too surprising for second gen immigrants to not really know their own mother tongue. But alas, Risa admits to herself that she doesn’t understand her own language.