One last comic for the month! With this comic we close off the month of May on a quiet note. In this chapter, we mostly focused on Yogurt and Berry as they celebrate Yogurt’s 20th birthday together quietly in the park. However, in a change of heart, Yogurt now wishes to spend some time together with her friends Livvy, Risa, and Terry as well. Berry, who is already one step ahead of Yogurt, let’s everyone know that Yogurt wants to hang out tonight!

This month was a nice comfy chapter. There’s nothing too fancy this time around. I needed to have some time to focus on other things in life, such as getting outside a little bit more and preparing my books to ship out. Which, by the way, those who have preordered a copy of my book should be getting them pretty soon! This is perhaps one of the finest books I’ve made so far, and I love the cover art on it. Together with a patron special dust jacket, it feels very complete and nice in the hands.