One more comic for the month! And with that, this closes off the chapter! This month was a rather short and casual one as I ease the story back to what’s a little more routine for the series. Like life itself, it can seem like there can be times where things take a turn for the worse, and times that bring us back to normalcy. When Yogurt’s dad was hospitalized back in March, Yogurt spent the next two months looking after her dad and trying to set up a more healthy lifestyle for him and for herself. Not just that, but Yogurt realizes that the time she has with her dad, her only family, are what’s important to her and to make memories.

As I’ve mentioned in the previous month, my dad getting hospitalized was one of the turning points in my life and had consequently led me down the path to publish the Yogurt Short Comics series. From here on, I’d imagine it would do the same for Yogurt and lead her down a special path in her own life. I’m excited to see where she’ll go and just how much she’ll grow.