I’m back! Hi everyone! I’ve been gone for the last ten days on vacation. It was really a lot of fun! I checked out the BC coast, visiting Victoria and seeing the mountains! It was a really eventful getaway. Going on trips and spending time with family is one of those pillars of my life that means a lot to me. This is something that carries forward into my comics. There has been quite the number of chapters in the past where Yogurt goes on a vacation together with her dad. Looking back at it now, they are all really nice memories to have. The feeling I get reading some of those older chapters reminds me of the times when I look back at some of my old family photos and reminisce.

In this chapter, I’m directly continuing from the last comic. After finishing breakfast, Yogurt and her dad look out the window and are greeted with the warm sun and clear skies. Yogurt suggests that they both go on a morning walk. But then her dad thinks that Yogurt would be spending the day with Berry. Yogurt denies it. She wants to spend some time with her Papa this time.