A new comic for the week!

It’s Halloween, and it looks like Yogurt and her friends will be dressed up and heading out for a bit of trick-or-treating. The past month was full of Risa comics and her costume, and now that Halloween has come, it’s time for her to show up in her new look! Risa was never really the type to wear girlish clothing. She often wears practical clothing like hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, or tank tops. However, with Olivia around, even I’m curious as to what kind of outfits she can cook up for Risa to wear.

Good news everyone! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.3 has been finalized and has been sent in for printing. Thank you for your patience! Everyone who has preorder Vol.3 will be guaranteed a copy, and once I’ve received my print run, I will start prepping them for shipping. You won’t see an invoice from me until then. If you haven’t preordered a copy yet, you can still place an order HERESince the print run has been locked in already, I can only sell remaining copies at a first come, first serve basis.