A new comic for the week!

Risa was invited over by Olivia, who promised to have a costume made specifically for Risa. Surprise, surprise, Olivia turns out be the spoiled daughter of a filthy rich family who owns a mansion on a private acreage just outside of town. Risa, dazed and confused, is left wondering just who Olivia is and what her family does for a living on that magnitude.

Of all the characters I’ve introduced so far, Olivia strikes me as the most jarringly different. She falls into tropes that at first seem to come right out of fiction and fantasy. The Yogurt cast comprises mainly of normal characters for the most part, so throwing in a character made entirely out of pixie dust is bound to stir things up a bit. After all, Olivia has a very important role to fulfill in the series, a role worthy for a main cast character.