A new comic! Risa had just arrived at Livvy’s house so that she can pick up a costume that Livvy promised to make for her.

It seemed obvious to Risa that she would have to pay back Olivia for putting together a costume, but with how unclear Olivia was, Risa had to ask again. Livvy joked about having to fork over all sorts of fees that Risa was unaware of. By the end of it all, Olivia was generous enough to hand over the costume as a gift, even though Risa is still feeling skeptical and probably guilty over the matter.

Just a quick update! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.3 had been completed! However, I will be spending the next while proofing everything before commissioning a print run. So hang on tight! Once the books come in, probably early-to-mid November, I will be giving a more graphical update, complete with my review of the print run and photographs. For those who have preordered, I will be sending out invoices once the books are in. Thank you so much for your patience!