A new comic!

Risa got to school a bit early, so she’s roaming the halls before getting her books ready from her locker. She wonders a bit about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. In middle school, Risa used to have quite a few admirers, both boys and girls, because of her spunky attitude and boyish interests. Her locker would have been stuffed full of Valentine’s Day cards. Of course, throughout elementary school and junior high, it would kind of feel pretty normal to give Valentine’s Day cards, as they would mostly be obligatory giveaways. However, as you creep into high school, mass Valentine’s Day card give aways become a little more rare. So for Risa, getting a card at all would mean something a little more than what it used to.

Risa opens her locker and finds an envelope addressed to her. It’s not even Valentine’s Day, so this catches Risa completely off-guard. It’s clearly a love letter purposefully given earlier than Valentine’s Day, as if someone was trying to beat everyone else to her before the day of. These sort of thoughts are running through Risa’s mind, and there’s still a whole lot of questions that need answering.