Hi everyone! It’s a new month, and I have a new chapter of comics to share!

I was thinking of jumping back into the Valentine’s Day setting again. I missed that last year in favour for something from a galaxy far far away. In this comic, Risa is doing her regular browsing on the internet and decides to check out one of her favourite online shops. She spots a promotional Valentine’s Day sale ad. In her mind, she doesn’t think she’ll find anything online that’s worthy of gifting for Valentine’s. She follows through with the link, only to find a load of hobby parts, electronics, and other gadgets that she had gained interest in over the last year. Suddenly, it’s almost like the idea of Valentine’s Day left her mind, and she mindlessly adds a bunch of stuff to her online shopping cart.

But yeah, on a side note. Apart from chocolates, cards, and colorful things, it’s hard to imagine spare parts and electronic components being Valentine’s Day gifts. But a sale is a sale, I guess.

Oh right! I’d like to thank my patrons on Patreon for their continued support. I have received your donations for the month. There’s a bit more coming in this time around, and I am very grateful for that fact. I have finally surpassed my first major Patreon milestone. My website and hosting costs are now fully funded by you, my patrons! There’s a bit of additional funding too, which will be used to cover costs of additional tools, software, and music instruments. I can even put that towards a book fund for printing books.

A huge thanks once again for keeping YogurtMedia alive and well!