One last comic for the month, closing off a very significant chapter in the Yogurt Short Comics series. Returning back to present day, Yogurt and Berry were visiting Yogurt’s mom’s headstone in the cemetery. They pay their respects, lay down a bouquet of lilies, and quietly send their birthday wishes to Yogurt’s late mother. It’s particularly meaningful for Yogurt, as she has grown to become the very image of her mother. Over the years since starting this comic, we’ve seen Yogurt grow up through middle school and high school, slowly overcoming her grief, stresses, and challenges that life sometimes throws in her direction. The loss of her mother was one that continued to haunt her in the following years, but Yogurt grew to embrace the happy memories she had with her mother and to continue on living a fulfilling life with those she cherishes close to heart. The comic closes off with Yogurt mimicking her mother in the first comic of this month’s emotional chapter.

Thanks everyone for sticking around! I have to admit, this chapter was a bit of an emotional detour compared to the bulk of the Yogurt series. I’ve alluded to the notion of Yogurt’s late mother on multiple occasions throughout the series, but never have I actually decided to show these moments to the audience as part of the published comics until this month. A lot of what makes Yogurt quirky, clingy, and occasionally emotional stems back to these moments she had with her mother. Yogurt was only in her third grade, or about seven years old, when she lost her mother. At such a young age, Yogurt lost a loved one, and in turn, lost her childhood innocence.